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Warranty and info

We are a company specialized in hairdressing scissors for the last 20 years. We are a master sharpener approved by the scissor manufacturer to recondition them like new.

All of our scissors are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you don't like it we will exchange it for another model until you are satisfied with it.

After having been on the road from salon to salon throughout Quebec and Canada for the first 10 years (2000-2010) we have acquired all the information from hairdressers in order to build a line of scissors in your image and according to your request.

We also work with major distributors in Quebec as well as in the rest of Canada for the Tribal line of scissors as well as our sharpening.

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We are also there to provide you with all types of advice to facilitate the task of your choice this scissors, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-571-9876

Marc Charbonneau President Tribal Scissors


Offset Handle
Strongly inclined handle to provide comfort and protection to the hairdresser' s shoulder during maneuvers that require sustained positions towards the ground. Ideal for point cutting, slice, and comb scissors.

Semi-Offset Handle
Slightly inclined handle to protect the hairdresser's shoulder in slight movements of cutting down. Ideal for all cutting styles 

Straight Handle
Very conventional style with traditional straight handle, for the experienced hair stylist who is used to work with the shoulder up.

Ergo Handle
Handle with excellent ergonomics for the thumb, to ensure comfort and protection of the hairdresser's arms and wrists. Available straight, semi-offset and offset

Swivel Handle
Handle with swivel ring on the thumb to ensure incomparable comfort during all cutting styles. This versatile handle allows the hairdresser to have the shoulder down and the wrist straight