Proudly made in Canada, this spray make it easy to clean purify  AND DESINFECT your tools between clients.


designed espacially for hairstyling professionals, from the highest quality ingredients, purify salon tools is safe to use on all your styling tools.

Simply spray and wait 5 min

no need to soak.




Highly efficient in destroying a broad range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms from hard surfaces



tribal scissors has been making hair cutting shears/scissors for 20 years. We had been working on a product to clean and purify tools between clients even before the covid-19 virus. We are trilled to be able to bring this important new product to our customers now, during this global pandemic!

When was the last time you cleaned your shears/scissors?

When we began development of this product, we thought our biggest challenge would be to get stylist into  the mindset of cleaning and purify their tools between clients, but now with the covid-19 pandemic, this will be the new normal in our salons.


Our chloride-based product is designed yo safely be use on all your salon tools from brushes, comb & clips to shears/scissors & razor, to hot tools, WITHOUT damage. Leaves no residu and work in 5 minutes.

Simply spray down you tools after each use. By the time next client is in your chair, your tools are ready to go.


We are please to announce that Purify spray will be avalable soon, so preorder yours now.

We are proud to offer hairstylist professionals this product to demonstrate thei commitment to their clientele safe, while supporting Canadian-made innovation !

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