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professional hairdressing scissors


These scissors offer an alloy composed of a high percentage of chrome, ensuring a sharp and high accuracy cut. Like all our high-end products, the Performance Serie Tribal scissors offer quality, performance and durability to its users: the Tribal signature at the best price.

Inspired by the remarkable Japanese blade, our Precision Serie Tribal scissors offers a 440c steel alloy , guaranteeing high performance for the most demanding hairdressers. Durability, performance, precision and smooth cutting, with their chemical treatment at high temperature: the qualities that make it an essential tool for your most impressive collection.

For the salon professionals who are looking for the ultimate exception in matter of quality, our Prestige Serie Tribal scissors present a remarkable and refined design. Offering a 440c cobalt alloy of an exceptional caliber, forged entirely by hand by highly skilled artists eager to create a noble and durable tool, these scissors are created from an absolutely unbeatable technical process. Your samurai sword, your ultimate weapon: definitely one of the best cutting tools in the world, now at your fingertips.

Much more than scissors!

The Tribal Scissor line offers efficient high-end tools, handmade and carefully inspected, piece by piece, by a team of experienced technicians, like a painstaking work of jewelry. Our three collections, the Performance Serie, the precision serie and the prestige serie, offers you a range of ergonomic, malleable, noble and refined products and our cutting-edge blades will ensure satisfaction and prestige to the most demanding salon professionals. Treat yourself today with the most remarkable piece of your valuable collection of instruments and enjoy now the result of a unique product, carved for an exceptional comfort and an unrivaled quality for an optimal accuracy.

Tribal Scissors

Give yourself today the most remarkable piece of our precious collection of high-end scissors and now enjoy the fruit of an exceptional workmanship, chiseled with comfort and unrivaled quality, for a performance of optimal precision.

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Offset Handle

Strongly inclined handle to provide comfort and protection to the hairdresser' s shoulder during maneuvers that require sustained positions towards the ground. Ideal for point cutting, slice, and comb scissors.

Semi-Offset Handle

Slightly inclined handle to protect the hairdresser's shoulder in slight movements of cutting down. Ideal for all cutting styles 

Straight Handle

Very conventional style with traditional straight handle, for the experienced hair stylist who is used to work with the shoulder up.

Ergo Handle

Handle with excellent ergonomics for the thumb, to ensure comfort and protection of the hairdresser's arms and wrists. Available straight, semi-offset and offset

Swivel Handle

Handle with swivel ring on the thumb to ensure incomparable comfort during all cutting styles. This versatile handle allows the hairdresser to have the shoulder down and the wrist straight

Our specialty is also sharpening

Honored at the Las Vegas National Shear Sharpening Guild Convention in 2011, Marc-Olivier Charbonneau (aka Katamo), designs and signs all 3 Serie range of Tribal Scissors available in this catalog.